How To Become A Video Game Tester

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I was in my second year of college when I got offered a job in a cell phone store making $10 an hour. After working there for 5 months I got offered a management position with a starting salary of $32,000 a year. I have to tell you that at the time I was really happy about this. Well I didn't realize that once they started paying me that salary they basically owned me. I was working 60 hour weeks minimum. It started to get old pretty fast, but the money was decent and I didn't know where else I could make that kind of money at the time. I was always looking for a way out when I ran into one of my best friends from junior high in Walmart. We talked for a while and we got each others numbers and a couple weeks later called me and invited me over to his house to hang out. He had a sweet house and a hot girlfriend. We got to talking and I was telling him about how I got this job and was offerd a management position starting at $32,000 after just 5 months. I was playing it up like I was living the life even though I secretly hated this job. He then told me he could get me the job of my dreams making almost twice that and he went on to tell me he has been getting paid over $50,000 for the past 2 years to test video games from his house. I was like what!... and I really didn't believe him at first, but he was so excited about it he started showing me all of his accounts and the room in his house that he had dedicated to playing video games. Anyway to make a long story short, he hokked me up bigtime, taught me everything he had learned about the video game testing business over the past couple of years he had been doing it and I only worked at my job for about 3 more weeks beore quitting to become a full time video game tester.

After Experiencing A Typical Full Time Job
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How To Become A Video Game Tester

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Jack Kern
How To Become A Video Game Tester


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So you want to know how to be a video game tester. Well I'll tell you how to become a video game tester. Can you imagine getting paid to play video games from your house? This job isn't for everyone. It does actually involve analytical skills. You will also need a long history of playing video games. When you start out you will probably be making $10-$15 an hour. Once you've been testing video games for a couple of years you will be able to command around $30 an hour. After you've been testing video games for a couple of years and have a decent resume built up you will also have many opportunities open up for you in the video game world. You will have to be proactive and self-motivated and if you are you can go far in this industry. Video game testing is not a dead end job. There is plenty of room for growth and you can definitely make this a full time career. Can you imagine yourself getting paid to play video games? If so I want to teach you how to become a video game tester.

How To Become A Video Game Tester